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Level III Inspection

A Level III Inspection is the most detailed of all of the inspection types and includes inspection of concealed areas of the building. However, examination of concealed areas should be limited to areas reasonably suspected of containing hazards that cannot be evaluated otherwise.

A level III Inspection includes all areas covered in a Level I and Level II Inspection, and inspection of concealed areas to investigate known or suspected problems. In as much as certain portions of a Level III Inspection require destructive action to the building, the inspector needs to address these concerns and seek permission. Additionally, it should be determined up-front who is responsible for repair or replacement of removed components of the building. 

Pricing: $265



Chimney Maintenance and Restoration

Level I Inspection

Level I Inspection is recommended when an evaluation of the chimney system for continued service is needed and the conditions of use are not changing. This could include:

1.)   Routine or annual evaluations of the venting system.

2.)   An appliance connected to the system is being replaced with a similar appliance.

3.)   During chimney sweeping.

A level I inspection is limited to readily accessible portions of the venting system, and accessible portions of the connected appliance(s) and the chimney connection.

​Pricing: $139

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Level II Inspection

A level II Inspection includes all of the requirements of a Level I Inspection as well as the following:

1.)   Inspection of accessible areas of attics, basements, and crawlspaces. 

2.)   Accessible areas of the chimney exterior and interior.

3.)   Accessible portions of the appliance and chimney connection.

4.)   Video scanning or other thorough inspection of the flue interior.

5.)   Evaluation of the flue lining to determine that its material and sizing is appropriate for the appliances being served.

6.)   Proper clearance to combustibles in the accessible areas listed above. 

7.)   Proper construction and condition of the chimney system in the accessible areas listed above. 

Pricing: $195

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